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released January 19, 2011



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Less Life New Brunswick, New Jersey

Less Life is a 3 piece hardcore band from New Jersey. It's sort of like if Takaru, Deadguy, Botch and Tragedy all got mixed up in a smoothie with some soy milk.

"Sounds like a chokehold record played at 45RPM" - Christopher Lecko

Less Life is ex and current members of black kites, the assistant, this ship will sink, youandi, write back soon and more.
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Track Name: less life - Glory of the Morning
The screaming in the burning light knowing you can’t turn back just another building in this Princeton business district. What circle of life? Abandoned instincts no hope for this circle of life. Today should have been like any other another moment of ignorant bliss. Trapped by your despair unable to forget what I know So many tragedies from these human hands

(The title is the name of the first women ever written about in history. She is a Native American who is responsible for bringing the fur trade to the French and English settlers. Although in her culture most of if not all of the animals slaughtered where used in their entirety, when seeing the monetary gain the French and English begin exploiting these creatures and their surroundings. The song more directly relates to a day of work I had where I saw a Barn Owl (endangered species). It should have been an awesome moment for me but the owl was fleeing for its life and died shortly after.)
Track Name: False Positives
Looking back on every day and every moment we ever spent together I should have realized that my expectations never aligned with my reality. And I would like to say that I loved and lost and learned but with full disclosure I loved lost hurt and lost. Not all things work out in the end and I can find comfort in that this Disney fantasy brought me so much anguish in the end. And if I never loved at all

Would the misery of uncertainty consume me after all or did trying and failing

Prove to be too much. And I can’t go back and I won’t go back. I could have done another 5 years standing on my fucking head but my failures is how this trip will end.
Track Name: Left Behind
in this disgusting water front nothing will be seen picked clean with rolling hooks for economical gain. We all just stood and watched. Splitting hairs about ideals and compromise. Nothing was achieved. A great leap forward for this human disease. The frustration of knowledge unrelenting corruption. We all just stood and watched. Splitting hairs about ideals and compromise. Nothing can be done Nothing is left we are witnesses to extinction It is way to fucking late. I can’t comprehend these human actions I don't understand these human actions

(The Yangtze River dolphin was declared extinct in the late summer of 2007. It feel victim to Human interference in its eco system. More notably Chairman Mao’s “Great Leap Forward” which was the idea to cut down every tree and kill every animal and turn China into one giant New York City. This set off a chain of events ending the life of all Yangtze River Dolphins. The “Great Leap Forward” failed shortly after the idea was put into place. It did however turn the Yangtze River into a hot bed for oil tankers and transport ships. The over whelming amount of oil spills have turned this body of water into the number 1 most polluted spot on the planet. They would also use a tool called “Rolling Hooks” to fish the area. Rolling hooks are a giant net with hooks at every intersection.)
Track Name: Roots of Enslavement
Working mindless labor for a debt that will never be paid off taxing our bodies

And our minds for a life we don’t own. I just don’t see the point in taking another day from a limited time bank for bullshit routines and bullshit pass times. We refuse to see what is binding us or set the fire to that which controls. We always have options we have to do better. Take control through force or education. We can’t sustain this not anymore. We deserve more then what we are given. Stand together or die alone.
Track Name: Move Mountains
Finding strength within your mind to survive this deconstruction failed attempts of community. I won’t be afraid to run and hide I will do what I can so it won’t come to that I will take action without invitation. through these fires of justice I believe we will see a change with a brick in my hand I have given myself a voice I was told we were on the losing side and ask if that ever mattered. I will take my time
I will learn what I can. Today might be different than before. Tomorrow might be better.